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BU:NiO Premium Vita Shower Filter (Baby Powder)

BU:NiO Premium Vita Shower Filter (Baby Powder)

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Strong Dual Filtration Sediment filter 50mm + Vitamin Gel 46g Moisturizing Moisturizing effect to repair skin barrier Chlorine Removal Eliminate invisible chlorine and impurities. Unique Scent the delicate scent makes you feel refreshed. Duration life of up to 7200 liters (4-member family standard, Use 45 to 60 days) Ingredients Vitamin C, Glycerin, Dextrin, Cornstarch, Teatree Oil, Aroma Fragrance, Milk Powder, Trehalose Removes Residual Chlorine : Concentrated vitamin gel removes residual chlorine Moisturizes Skin: Moisturizing skin care with glycerin Contains Vitamin C: Helps clear and elastic skin care. Fine Filtering : one more filtering of foreign substances with fine filter Internationally compatible to all detachable shower head and extremely light Easy to install Made in Korea

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