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Vaadi Herbals Organic Pedicure Manicure Spa Kit

Vaadi Herbals Organic Pedicure Manicure Spa Kit

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Foot Cleanser - This Scientifically Designed Foot Cleanser Is Enriched With Numerous Herbal Ingredients That Effectively Cleanse Your Skin And Improve Blood Circulation. It Imparts A Cool Feeling Which Relieves Stress And Fatigue. Active Ingredients Grapeseed Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Honey, Lavender Oil; Foot Scrub - This Uniquely Designed Foot Scrub Scientifically Uses Precious Herbs Foot Cream - A Scientifically Designed Foot Cream That Repairs Anti Tan Foot Mask - This Uniquely Designed Anti Tan Foot Mask Is Enriched With Anti Tan And Skin Rejuvenating Agents That Effectively Hydrate And Repair Damaged Foot Skin. Removes Pigmentation Marks And Signs Of Aging. Active Ingredients Manjistha, Lemon Grass Oil, Sandal Paste, Apricot Oil; Nail & Cuticle Oil - Effectively Moisturizes And Conditions The Nail Wall And Cuticle Area Of The Nail. It Prevents Cracking And Peeling Of Cuticles, Making Them Soft And Smooth. It Strengthens Thin Weak Nails By Treating Dry Damaged Cuticles At The Root. Active Ingredients Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A&E, Shea Butter.

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